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Info Sharing Gold Harmony card (Activated Water)

Posted by Majantim on Thursday 21 April 2022

Harmony Card, Energy Card with Shen- Ion HarmoNIK ® nano-frequency harmonious with humans, animals and plants, maintenance-free, no need to charge, continuous energy, can be inherited for grandchildren, very cheap and worthwhile.

Gold Harmony Card usage list:
1. Relieves pain throughout the body including back pain
2. Relieves stomach pain & colic
3. Relieve menstrual pain
4. Relieves stomach ache / food poisoning
5. Support to improve blood & lymph circulation
6. Support to improve the body's immune system
7. Reduce swelling on or in the body
8. Support breastfeeding mothers
9. Increases one's energy & support to get rid of accumulated toxins in the lymphatic system and the whole body
10. Supports sound sleep
11. Reduce jetlags
12. Prevent deep vein thrombosis for long -term travelers
13. Can be used to reduce the aggressiveness of tumors in the body
14. Support to reduce blood clots
15. Support to reduce energy blockage in the body
16. Reduce headaches
17. Support to speed recovery from fever
18. Support to normalize blood pressure in the long run
19. Activating drinking water molecules (giving energy to water molecules)
20. Harmonize and remove taste or aggressive frequency in food & drink thereby enhancing taste
21. Remove chlorine in tap or drinking water
22. Increase the alkalinity of tap water
23. Increase vitality and increase the effectiveness of cosmetic / body cream products
24. Enhances plant growth, increases the number of leaves and roots
25. Vitalize/activate water for plants thus producing healthier plants
26. Reduce the use of toxic chemicals
27. Helps activate the vitality of the water used to soak vegetables thus supporting to remove pesticides from vegetables
28. Improve & enhance the energy of harmony in the room
29. Adjusts negative frequencies from the surroundings, giving energy and strength to Harmony cardholders so that they are not easily exposed to external radiation from wireless, electrical or telco

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