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Info Sharing Prosperity Waterfall (Luck And Business)

Posted by Majantim on Wednesday 27 April 2022

These #ProsperityWaterfall posters are activated and programmed via Tao Qi-Mag® & Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® bio-harmonic system. 

This specially edited Erawan Waterfall picture with the Feng Shui harmonic measurements, radiates Profit-Prosperity, Wealth-Morality and Integrity-Childbirth harmonic energy and prosperity consciousness.
These pre-programmed #Prosperity #Waterfall poster supports to enhance the following listed #spiritual & #emotional #consciousness of the owners when placed in their homes/offices:

Continuous waves of pulsing harmonic frequencies and energy (qi), which some sensitive and spiritually in-tuned persons can feel from the poster;
Creates #harmony consciousness in the home/office;
Continuous #inflow of prosperity and #wealth consciousness;
Wide and deep #wealthholding consciousness;
#Multipleincome generating sources consciousness;
Creates #Growth and #Abundance consciousness; and
Creates #Happy & #Lively consciousness at home/office.

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